30 Oct. 19

Island Wear

If you are planning to visit either of these three fabulous islands in Tanzania and you’ve no idea what to pack with you, here are the tips.

For women, you can pack a pair of open flip-flops or any open flat shoewear, a cool print maxi dress (summer dress, pants and/or shorts)-perfect streetwear without forgetting a pair of sunglasses, swimming costume (Hey! a little swim won’t spoil the fun). as fashionable as you can be complete the look with a straw hat and accessories of your choice.


For men, you can pack a pair of open sandals, comfy pairs of summer pants and/or shorts, a summer shirt, adding to the statement; cool sunglasses, a smile and a wink.

Additional things to carry with you are the sunscreen to protect your skin from being damaged when sun-basking ( My God! My skin is super tanned); and a bag or purse.