Chemka Hot Springs Moshi, Tanzania


Rundugai Hot Water Springs or Kikuletwa Hot Springs or Chemka Hot Springs is an unexpected paradise hidden in the desert scrub outside of Boma town.

Situated about 35 km from Moshi, in the heart of the Sanya Plains, lie the Rundugai Springs. Locally called Chemka, meaning boiling, referring to the way the water appears to boil as it emerges from underground. In fact, the water is not hot rather it is a pleasant temperature! The springs’ water is from the Greatest African Mountain, Kilimanjaro.

It is an inviting place for a picnic and a swim too (don’t forget your swimwear). Get a relaxing pedicure from the fish and if lucky enough to camp at these springs, early in the morning you can see turtles swimming along. This crystal-clear, turquoise water is surrounded by palm and fig trees, winding roots offer a picturesque spot for a relaxing afternoon swim.

The spring is over 6 m deep in some places although you can see the bottom through the crystal clear waters no matter where you are. You can also wrap your arms around one of the roots and just let the water flow by as you drift off into a daydream listening to the monkeys squeaking and birds chipping in the trees.

You can have as much fun and relaxation as your heart desires, and that your body and mind needs.

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