07 Apr. 23

Belated Happy Birthday – Dr. Jane Goodall

From the left is Tonya Mandel, Dr. Jane Goodall and Shawn Mandel (Photo by Born Park Adventures Client)

On April 3rd, 2019, we celebrated the 85th birthday of Dr. Jane Goodall, a woman who for nearly 60 years has inspired and motivated millions of people around the globe to live in greater harmony with nature and to create a more just and peaceful world. On this special occasion, we recognize the unique legacy of Dr. Goodall’s scientific breakthroughs and courageous leadership which has led to positive changes in policies and attitudes, benefitting animals, humankind, and the natural world. Compelled by Dr. Goodall’s mission to live sustainably and with compassion, we look to the future with new hope. For Jane’s 85th birthday, in the spirit of her vision, join us in building a cross-generational movement of people who resolve to make the planet we share a better place for all.


85 Years, Millions Inspired, One of a Kind.

For Dr. Goodall’s 85th birthday on April 3rd, 2019, we’re asking each of you to join us in realizing Jane’s vision for a better world for all. At a time when wildlife, ecosystems, and human communities are suffering, Jane still has hope for a brighter future and a belief that, together, we can create positive change for all. Jane’s vision is of a new age of harmony between animals, humankind, and the natural world. To celebrate and honor Dr. Goodall on her 85th birthday, you can help make Jane’s vision for a better world a reality by joining Generation Jane. As a part of Generation Jane, each of you are agents of change, making sustainable and compassionate decisions in your daily lives, as parts of your local or larger communities, and demanding such action of corporations and governments alike. Together, we can lead a movement to save species, improve lives, and protect the natural world for generations to come.

The chimpanzee, simply the chimp, is a species of great ape native to the forest and savannah of tropical Africa. Photo from Gombe National Park in Tanzania by Born Park Adventures Client.

Source: news.janegoodall.org

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